Repairs & maintenance.


Urgent Repair Procedures.

Please refer below for urgent repair instructions-

Please read through the below information thoroughly and refer to your lease about what constitutes an urgent repair or visit the below links for helpful repair information: ,-maintenance-and-damage

If the event occurs during normal business hours outside holiday periods please contact our office on 99684444 Option 2 to advise us of the problem.

Lockout - Please note if you lock yourself out – in most cases we have spare keys and you can come and collect them to let yourself back in (business hours only). We do not offer a lock out service – if you are locked out after hours or when the office is closed- you will need to arrange a locksmith at your cost. Locksec Locksmiths are on 9904 2147 or 0414323739

In the case of an urgent repair & If we cannot be contacted in the office, ie if an event occurs at night, during public holidays or when you have been notified (or would reasonably assume) that the office will be closed, the below tradespeople should be contacted directly for repairs deemed urgent- do NOT leave a message for us or wait for us to get back to you – in order to protect yourself and the property act NOW. You can leave a message on 0488 688 648 to advise us of the issue and we will respond as soon as possible- but do not wait for us to get back to you before taking action.

If possible please email us at with details once the immediate issue has been resolved. This is also a good time to advise us of any other works that may be required in relation to this emergency.


If the provided tradespeople cannot be contacted, you can contact any relevant licensed tradesperson under an emergency situation to resolve the immediate issue and you can be refunded up to $1000 for legitimate costs you may incur subject to the conditions specified on the Fair Trading website.

  • Electrician – Michael Ryan – 0418 976 065 (Mosman, Cremorne, Neutral Bay)
  • Electrician- Hello Electrical - 1300 312 484 (all areas)
  • Plumber – Gary Palmer – 0414 992 993 (North Shore and Northern Beaches)
  • Plumber – Tim Killian – 0401 216 980 (North Shore and Northern Beaches)
  • Gas – Living Gas – 9905 8666 (North Shore and Northern Beaches)
  • Locksmith – Locksec – 9904 2147 or 0414 323 739 (North Shore and Northern Beaches)
  • Glass Breakage – O'Briens Glass – 131 616 (All suburbs)
  • Flood/Wet carpet restoration – Damian DNT Carpet Care –0417 683 954​​​​​​

Exceptional circumstances.

Floods/leaks - If you are in a unit block and have a water leak from another property ie through the ceiling or through a wall, the first step is to go upstairs or to the adjoining property and alert them to the problem. It may be strata related as well, and if that is the case please notify us as soon as possible so we can assist. Then contact our Flood/water damage expert above if there is water soaked carpet or flooding.

Fire – In the event of fire, call 000 and then take whatever steps are required to ensure your own safety – please call us as soon as possible on 99684444 or email

Non urgent repair requests.

The below form should only be used for routine maintenance requests.

Routine repairs can also be emailed to – please ensure you provide:

  • Your name and contact details (mobile & email)
  • Your address
  • The nature of the problem – give as much detail as possible
  • Attach a photo of the problem – that will assist us in allocating the job to one of our tradespeople

Our tradesperson will then contact you to set up access, or you can authorise them to collect keys from us.

Place a maintenance request.
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